The Magic of Crab Cove


Crown Memorial State Beach, also known as Crab Cove, is quickly becoming a favorite spot of ours! To start, it’s simply beautiful, peaceful, and has some stunning views of the bay.

There are so many things to entertain an entire family! You will find a fairly expansive, sandy beach; therefore, bring the beach umbrellas, sunscreen, sand toys, and swimsuits…and plan to stay awhile. If you happen to make it during low tide, you are in for a real treat! Make your way into the abyss and search for crabs, fish, seashells, and more. As a bonus tip, the sand dunes appear to make pretty great slides!



There is also a large, grassy field for kite flying or plain running wild. We also once shared a stomp rocket launcher with a sweet family, which was great fun! In the summer, Concerts in the Cove is hosted in the grass; live bands, brews, and picnics make for wonderful summer memories.


There are plenty of paths for walking, biking, or scooting; fisherman to watch; rocks and sticks to hunt for; construction trucks to awe over; and even a small visitor’s center. The Alameda water tends to be warmer than most surrounding beaches in the East Bay…lucky us!


Speaking of the visitor’s center, you’ll find some puzzles, microscopes, aquariums, and a small gift shop. Some days you’ll find extra activities; but do check their hours of operation if this is important to you.

Parking is plentiful (and free until Memorial Day.) Bathrooms are clean. There are also plenty of puddles to jump in after a rainy day!

If you keep walking, you’ll pass Washington Park (with playgrounds, tennis courts, a dog park, and even more, mainly free parking.) Picnic areas are available for rent.

I could keep going, but you probably get it by now. Crab Cove is such a fun adventure!

Crown Memorial State Beach. 8th Street and Otis Drive, Alameda, CA 94501



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