From Trash to Treasure


If you haven’t checked out, you certainly should do so. You can plug in any location, and the website will pull up obscure, interesting places, landmarks, and things to visit along your journey. Before living in California, I searched and came across Albany Bulb. You can read the article that sparked my curiosity here:


A landfill that takes waste and trash and turns it into larger than life sculptures? I’m in! It was quickly added to my to do list and planned into the agenda.


When we visited about a year ago, construction was happening towards the front of the trail. There were families walking towards the water, and plenty of dog walkers letting their dogs roam freely along the paths. We brought a stroller, which I would not recommend, as most of the path is gravel.

Since we did not know our exact destination, we took a left turn at the fork in the road, which leads you toward a jut out into the water. After not seeing anything of much significance, we turned around and took the alternate path on our right. After walking a little distance, we passed a police officer who directed us to the sculptures.

I wouldn’t say this is the safest place for children, as it is a junkyard of sorts, with lots of graffiti and scrap metal. Yet, it is so cool and worthy of a visit! A wasteland of intrigue, indeed. The sculptures are massive! It is quirky and so “Berkeley-esque” – now that I’m familiar with the area. I would love to explore the Albany Bulb again!

Albany Bulb1 Buchanan St, Albany, CA





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