Japanese Friendship Garden


Ask me about one of the most relaxing, peaceful places I have visited, and the Japanese Friendship Garden in San Jose is high on my list. It is just so pretty and calming. I don’t know that I had ever visited a Japanese garden before happening upon this one. I do know that it led me to make a goal to visit all the Japanese gardens that I can…I love the San Jose Japanese Friendship Garden that much.

The San Jose Garden is located in Kelley Park, between Happy Hollow Park and Zoo and History Park. There is a small fee for parking, but admission is free into the Garden. This Garden was built as a symbol of everlasting friendship between the City of San Jose and its Sister City of Okayama, Japan in 1965 and is patterned after the world famous Korakuen Garden in Okayama.You will find paved paths that take you near peaceful ponds with koi fish, waterfalls, and the best smelling Japanese cherry blossoms around. There are little stops along the way that allow you to sit and reflect. This place is so special!

Japanese Friendship Garden, 1300 Senter Rd, San Jose, CA



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