Children’s Discovery Museum: A Rainy Day Escape


As the forecast is predicting it to be rainy and cold this week, we’ll undoubtedly be looking for dry escapes to keep us busy and allow my kiddo to get his wiggles out! The Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose is a fantastic children’s museum with plenty of activities to spark curiosity and keep the wee ones entertained. It gets a tad crazy on weekends (like most children’s museums,) yet my then 1 year old still had a great time when we visited…despite the chaos.

It is hard to miss the museum with it’s bright purple exterior and rubber ducky on top! Although it is possible to find street parking, we opted for the parking lot under the overpass (which does require payment.) The lawn in front of the Children’s Discovery Museum is vast, and great for active children! Keep running, and you will reach Monopoly in the Park. I find this to be such a fun concept: a life sized monopoly board and pieces. However, the park is quite weathered, and we did encounter some sketchy people hanging around. Sketchy as in screaming at random people and roaming around aimlessly. Although most likely harmless, it was slightly disturbing with a toddler.

Some of our favorite highlights:

-The water tables are, hands down, my son’s favorite part of this museum. We spent a majority of our time here! Waterproof aprons are available to borrow, yet expect your child to leave reasonably soaked; bringing a change of clothes with you is strongly advised.

-The downstairs bubble room is so much fun! Varying wands and sizes of bubbles are available for play.

-The life sized fire truck, ambulance, and cars are fun to climb into and “drive”.

-The day of our visit, the museum had setup many extra activities, including a healthy snack table, a bicycle which made smoothies, and a seed/garden table in which children could plant seeds to take home and grow.

-My son loved the rainbow market and kitchen area, as he loves to cook. Even just opening and closing the refrigerator and oven doors proved to be great entertainment!


-Although filled to the brim with kids, I appreciated the 0-4 year old room. There is even a crawl space for pre-walkers (a little obstacle course, of sorts.) It was filled with running preschoolers and/or older siblings, who needed a gentle warning to watch out for the tottering babies.

-Additional exhibits include a musical staircase, art loft, garden, and mammoth discovery room (in which you can uncover fossils!)

We are long overdue for another visit to the Children’s Discovery Museum, but will do our best to visit on a weekday to allow a more hands-on experience. If your children are not zapped upon leaving, another spectacular museum a few blocks away is The Tech Museum of Innovation. You can’t go wrong visiting either of these museums. Also downtown, the San Pedro Square Market has great food in a family friendly atmosphere.

Bonus Tip: Be sure to look on Groupon for discount tickets, as they will run specials from time to time!

Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose, 180 Woz Way, San Jose, CA –



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