Sticker Lovers Unite! 

Did you know that the only sticker manufacturer that still exists in the US is located right here in the Bay Area? And they offer factory tours for $7 a head? AND your $7 will get you a handful of stickers to pocket? Well, now you know. You can thank me later!

Mrs. Grossman’s Sticker Factory is such a fun excursion! My husband happened to be off during the week, so we packed up our 2 year old and headed to Petaluma for a sticker tour. We called the morning of, and they thankfully had a few spots left to squeeze us in. The tour was about 30 minutes long and was filled with loads of stickers along the way! Beckham loves learning how things work, so he was actively listening and watching all of the machinery in motion. At the end, they give everyone a small sticker craft to complete. There’s also an onsite store to purchase anything else sticker related that your heart desires!

Fun for kids, fun for adults, fun for everyone. If you hate stickers, something is wrong with you. Get that checked out.

Bonus tips: Only limited photography is allowed. Be sure to call in advance, as tours fill up, and are limited to specific days and times.

Mrs Grossman’s Paper Co, 3810 Cypress Dr, Petaluma, CA –


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