Join the Circus for a Day!

It’s certainly delightful to come across a well kept secret. Although not technically a secret, I am kind of stunned that I haven’t heard my friends mention the Kinetic Arts Center, nor have I read about it on other local parenting blogs. My husband and son happened to pop in one evening to get some basic info, and were told about their Wee Circus class!

Only offered on Sundays for the under 3 crowd, the wee circus class is fantastic! It is different than a standard gym class you might find for toddlers. Although it does have some of the same elements (running, tumbling, swinging, etc.) – I felt it was much more unique and entertaining, as a whole. I love that the instructor brought down the aerial silks (yes, I had to look up what these are called!) for use at the end of class. So much fun! You can sign up for a block of classes, or pay a weekly drop in rate. Contact the center to request a free trial. Age appropriate classes for older children are also available.

The Kinetic Arts Center also offers circus and acrobatic inspired performances through out the year. I look forward to taking my son to additional classes, as well as attending a circus performance (when grandparents, aka babysitters, are present!) It is exciting to have such a unique performing arts center in the East Bay.

Kinetic Arts Center, 785 7th St, Oakland, CA –




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