Berkeley Aquatic Park

Beckham and I truly enjoyed Berkeley’s Aquatic Park and adjoining Dreamland playground! From the family of ducks floating near the water’s edge, row boats and kayaks cruising by, cyclists, passing trains, puddles to splash in, a path for riding scooters and bicycles, and the charming playground – there was so much entertainment for my 2 year old! I’ve passed the Berkeley Aquatic Park on the interstate many times, but never realized just how much it has to offer.

Dreamland playground is pretty spectacular! It’s an old wooden playground, equipped with tire swings, bridges, slides, and plenty of places for playing hide and go seek. The park has little mazes, windows to peer out of, a sand box, swings, and generous picnic and seating areas. Although the playground has a “vintage” feel, it is kept in great condition. Most everything feels safe and well though out. A gate surrounds the majority of the playground, which is a plus for parents and caregivers, alike.

Worth noting, Google Maps took me to the opposite end of the aquatic park. You can certainly park there if you wish to do some extra walking and exploring. If planning to access the playground without making a long trek, I suggest instead plugging Dreamland Playground into your GPS. Parking is plentiful and free (everyone collectively shout,

Berkeley Aquatic Park, 80 Bolivar Dr, Berkeley, CA


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