Wild about Wildcare

Surely we all agree how important it is to teach future generations to care for the world around us. I love that the bay area has multiple venues devoted to treating injured wildlife, marine animals, and reptiles. Wildcare in San Rafael is one of these fantastic organizations. They are a wildlife hospital and nature education center. In addition to treating wildlife, they aim to better educate individuals on how to co-exist with the wildlife around us.

Outside, you’ll find a small bird sanctuary. I assume the birds vary based on which are being treated at the moment. During our visit, we noticed pelicans, ducks, and our favorite, an owl. Inside, you’ll find snakes, lizards, educational materials, and a small play area (Beckham enjoyed playing doctor to the faux birds.) Offices and the wildlife hospital take up the majority of the building.

While we were visiting, an employee gathered a group to discuss facts about snakes. We were even allowed to touch a snake, which was a hit with the kids.

There is no entry fee, but donations are welcomed and appreciated.

Wildcare, 76 Albert Park Ln, San Rafael, CA – http://www.wildcarebayarea.org/


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