Children’s Wonderland

If there’s someone out there that dislikes fairy tales…they must not be from the bay! From Fairyland in Oakland to Fairytale Town in Sacramento (not technically in the bay area, but close enough); Pixieland in Concord to Small World Park in Pittsburg; and now Children’s Wonderland in Vallejo – the magic surrounds us!

With my mom in town, we decided to venture to a place previously unbeknownst to us: Vallejo, California. We visited Children’s Wonderland, to be exact. Although technically just a fairy tale themed playground, it has some unique features. The entire park is gated, and a minimal admission is paid upon entering through the medieval castle doors. Although you will find standard playground equipment, you’ll also find spinning teacups, a life sized teapot with adjoined slide, Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage, plenty of climbing structures such as a fire truck, train, and dinosaur, a sand box with fossils to dig up, and so much more.

There is a covered performance stage, pavilions with picnic tables, and onsite restrooms. Children’s Wonderland is definitely worth a stop in if travelling through Vallejo with children. However, be sure to check or call ahead for hours of operation, as we found out the hard way that this park is not open from sunrise to sunset.

Children’s Wonderland, 360 Glenn St, Vallejo, CA


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