Lions, Tigers, and Bears…Oh My!

Do you have an animal lover in your home? If so, you’ll be happy to know that there are an abundance of options when it comes to viewing, feeding, and (sometimes) even petting animals in the bay and surrounding areas. Get your pens and paper ready, you’ll want to add these to your list! (A quick disclaimer: I have visited many, but not all, of the places on this list. I hope to add links to more extensive posts as I visit and blog!) 


  • Oakland Zoo
  • Palo Alto Jr. Museum and Zoo
  • Sacramento Zoo
  • San Francisco Zoo
  • San Jose Happy Hollow Park and Zoo

Farms & Petting Zoos

  • Ardenwood Historic Farm (Fremont)
  • Emma Prusch Farm Park (San Jose)
  • Kennedy Park Petting Zoo (Hayward)
  • Mcclelland’s Dairy Farm (Petaluma)
  • Old Borges Ranch (Walnut Creek)
  • Tilden Park Little Farm (Berkeley)

Museums & Hospitals

  • California Academy of Sciences (San Francisco)
  • Curiodyssey (San Mateo)
  • Lindsay Wildlife Museum (Walnut Creek)
  • The Marine Mammal Center (Sausalito)
  • Petaluma Wildlife Museum (Petaluma)
  • Seymour Marine Discovery Center (Santa Cruz)
  • Wildcare (San Rafael)

Nature Centers

  • Hayward Shoreline Interpretive Center (Hayward)
  • Junior Center of Art and Science (Oakland)
  • Randall Museum (San Francisco)
  • Sulphur Creek Nature Center (Hayward)


Please enlighten me! What needs to be added to my list? Comments are welcome below!


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